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We proudly supply and install high quality and Canadian-made exterior doors to suit your needs. We offer a wide selection of exterior door types including:

  • Steel and fiberglass entrance doors
  • Patio sliding doors
  • Garden or Terrace doors
  • Storm doors

Our doors are custom made to fit your opening, requirements, and esthetic preferences. We offer standard and custom sizes. Entrance doors can come equipped with door lites, side lites and transoms in a variety of decorative glass and caming options or internal grilles and blinds. You can choose from a variety of colours for entrance doors or custom colours are available. Our steel doors offer exceptional insulating properties therefore increasing the energy efficiency of your home and reducing noise. In addition to the durability of our steel doors, we can offer additional security features such as a multi-point locking system.  

Patio sliding doors are available in two, three or four panel configurations with a variety of energy efficient glass/glazing options, decorative grills, colours, stains and blinds (inside
the sealed unit). Patio doors are available in standard sizes or custom sizes.

Garden or Terrace doors are available with a variety of options such as steel or fibreglass, decorative or insulated glass, grilles, blinds, transoms and/or side lites.  Terrace doors can be offered in two, three or four panel door systems. You can choose from standard or custom colours.

Note: If you choose a coloured exterior door, the inside of the door will be white unless you specifically request otherwise.

We’re a trusted dealer for Strassburger and Gentek, both with manufacturing facilities in Ontario. These suppliers offer limited lifetime warranties. Some of their products can be viewed on the following websites or visit our office to view a catalogue:

Gentek Building Products – Canada
(ordered through Strassburger or Gentek)

We offer exceptional installation by our experienced technicians. Installation can include interior trim and/or exterior aluminum capping upon request. Our technicians will clean up their mess once they complete the job. Please note that we can’t create new door openings or make door openings larger. In such a case, you will need to secure another contractor to create or enlarge the existing opening and once complete, we can install the door. If you want local contractor recommendations, please contact us.

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